Starring – Rob “The Wine Guy”

Co-Starring – Scott “The Unlicensed Taxi Driver”

Featuring – Becky “The Triple B” & “The Superstar” Steve

Also appearing – Mary “Don’t Call Me The Unlicensed Taxi Driver” Scott, Deb “The Princess”, Cindy “Not Cynthia”, “Shakespearian” Phil, & “The Australian Russian” Henk

Executive Producer – Becky “The Triple B”

Technical Director – Rob “The Wine Guy”

Costume Designer / Makeup Artist – Scott “The Unlicensed Taxi Driver”

Environmental Consultant – “The Superstar” Steve

The Fake Intern – Charlie

Music by Rob “The Wine Guy”

We at The Wine Vault want to express our sincere thanks to all our guests and listeners for participating in our little experiment.  Aside from our egos, you are the reason we do what we do.  Thank you again, from The Wine Vault.

-Rob & Scott


The Wine Vault

The Wine Vault

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Welcome to The Wine Vault. Join us each week for a new episode highlighting some great (and not so great) wines. While we’ll focus on value wines, occasionally we’ll stray into the exotic. We are The Wine Vault, after all. Raise your glass and join us, on The Wine Vault. Cheers. -Rob and Scott

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