On the Town – Travels of The Wine Vault


On the Town – Travels of The Wine Vault

By Rob “The Wine Guy”


If you follow us on Facebook you may be aware of our recent trip to Las Vegas for a little wine, a little food, and a little Rugby 7s.  The goals of this trip were simple, enjoy ourselves short of the point of visiting the local jail.  Only The Unlicensed Taxi Driver took this near the limit, however, that’s for the podcast, here let’s talk about the culinary highlights…



Our first stop happened to be Charlie Palmer’s Aureole located in Mandalay Bay.  This first port-of-call was an easy choice simply for the fact it has this…


Yes that’s what it looks like, a 4 story wine vault!!!!  The wine list at Aureole is of the highest quality, however, do not expect your experience to be one of thrift.  Prices are astronomical, but the wines are exclusive and rare.

Our first selection was a lovely wine from Spain’s Ribera del Duero region, namely 2009 Condado de Haza.


Condado de Haza

This is a personal favorite of mine having had multiple vintages, and a steal if you can find it at about $30.  Part of its appeal for me is that it can be aged, and when it’s ready is exceptionally elegant, a rarity in the price range and region. After that classic, the Unlicensed Taxi Driver demanded that we move on to another wine, his favorite, Merlot.


Grgich Hills Napa Merlot

The Unlicensed Taxi Driver nobly selected a 2007 Grgich Hills Napa Merlot for our enjoyment. It was a nice departure from the Condado in that at 10 years old it was a fairly mature Merlot.  This made it delicate and subtle.  Although not a blockbuster, it was certainly enjoyable considering The Unlicensed Taxi Driver was buying.

Now I know you’re wondering what we ate, we’ll because we’re responsible we didn’t.  At least not at Aureole…


Gallagher’s Steakhouse

For such an evening only one food choice is appropriate, and that is steak.  Unless of course you’re a communist vegan, then its…lamb, er no, veal, eh…maybe not, hmmm… Anyway, Gallagher’s Steakhouse is located within the depths of New York New York, and offers an excellent selection of dry aged beef, wine, spirits, and other things that are nearly the most important things in life.


Dry aged beef, nothing better…

Now the wine selected was an old favorite of The Wine Vault, 2015 Turley Juvenile Zinfandel.


Turley Juvenile Zinfandel

Now we have had several vintages of the Juvenile with this one being the least impressive of the lot.  With that said, it’s still a lovely red and worthy of the occasion.

Overall, an evening to remember, even if it is a little fuzzy…

With one night of classy / not classy / mildly illegal behavior (Scott) under our belts, we ventured out for a lovely day outing…


Casa Fuente

Casa Fuente Cigar Bar is located in the The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace.  If you like / love cigars this is the place to be.  I recommend visiting the large cigar room upon your arrival and select from the best cigar selection in Vegas. There’s nothing better after a long night for a nice cigar and …


Oh yes, a lovely mojito.  Yes, they make a mean drink too. Great place.



Our final port-of-call is a personal favorite, Canaletto located within The Venetian.  Truly a lovely Italian gem exceptional for its food, wine, and setting…

The first of the wines was in fact not Italian, but Californian…


Ferrari – Carano Siena

Ferrari – Carano Siena is a wonderful Italian style blend of Cabernet, Sangiovese, Malbec,  and Petite Sirah.  Deep and gorgeous, worth the time and money (retails a bit over $20). After the Cali it only seemed proper to follow it up with a proper Italian wine.  But no silly Chianti would do, no no, we went to the serious Italian wines, namely Amarone.


Corte Lenguin Amarone Classico

So I know what you’re thinking, what the hell is an Amarone, and why the hell is the winery’s website only in Italian?!  Well, to answer the first question here’s a link to the  wikipedia article about Amarone.  For the second question the answer is simple, they’re Italian.  But as for the wine, Amarone is a huge powerhouse of a wine, and the Corte was no exception.  With that said, some find the cassis and black liquorish notes off putting, but those people are sissies (The Superstar).

As for the food, well…

Just a wonderful dinning experience and a great trip.  Hopefully one of many for The Wine Vault.

With that, however, we will bid you adieu, from The Wine Vault.






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