The Wine Vault – Review Rundown (Part 1)



EPISODE 1 – 2012 Dealy Lane Pinot Noir – $19.99

Scott – 90 Points             Rob – 90 Points

**Recommended Wine**

CONSENSUS: Beautiful mouthfeel highlights an unusually rich example of Pinot.  Medium to full bodied, this was a surprise in its richness and its slight departure from the typical pinot varietal character.

EPISODE 2 – 2014 Sledgehammer Zinfandel – $9.99

Scott – 86 Points              Rob – 88 Points

**Recommended Wine**

CONSENSUS:  Deep and dark, the wine features nice berry notes, and probably Petite Sirah, even though they did not admit it.  Nice, nice value.

EPISODE 3 – 2014 Gnarly Head Black Old Vine Zinfandel – $9.99

Scott – 75 Points               Rob – 78 Points


CONSENSUS: Although it has a lovely rich mouthfeel, all you feel is residual sugar which makes this wine practically undrinkable.  We believe this is only featured at / limited to / quarantined at Trader Joe’s so you know exactly where to avoid it.

EPISODE 4 – 2013 Bogle Essential Red – $11.99

Scott – 90 Points           Rob – 90 Points

**Wine Vault Hall of Fame**

CONSENSUS:  Just gorgeous.  A blend of Cab, Merlot, Zin, and Petite Sirah, each grape is noticeable and definable on the palate.  Focused and long.

EPISODE 5 – 2012 Turley “Judge Bell” Zinfandel – $71.99

Mary Scott – 89 Points        Becky – 92 Points        Rob – 90 Points

**Recommended Wine**

CONSENSUS:  Brooding and rich, don’t let the scores fool you, a definite powerhouse.  However, lacks a touch of finesse.

EPISODE 6 – NV Pepperwood Grove Cabernet – $5.99

Deb – 75 Points             Becky – 78 Points

Scott – 70 Points            Rob – 75 Points

**Wall of Shame”

CONSENSUS: Lean and uninspiring, this wine is almost devoid of any fruit characteristics.  What it does have are tart vegetal notes that are anything but pleasing. A wine has to work hard to get on our Wall of Shame list at $5.99.  In a way that is impressive, not a good way of course. 

EPISODE 7 – 2014 Chateau Souverain Cabernet – $9.99

Becky – 76 Points              Steve – 75 Points

Scott – 71 Points                 Rob – 69 Points

**Wall of Shame**

CONSENSUS:  This wine comes from a reputable producer, however, this sample lacked any real fruit characteristics and was further marred by off-putting acidity on the finish. (Editor’s Note – The Wine Spectator gave this wine a 87.  That score is tantamount to supporting terrorism.)

EPISODE 8 – 2009 Chateau Bealieu Bordeaux Superior – $12.99

Deb – 85 Points            Becky – 86 Points            Steve – 82 Points

Scott – 88 Points            Rob – 87 Points

**Recommended Wine**

CONSENSUS: Primary Merlot, this wine has a nice medium bodied frame with a nice astringent finish. Those looking for a fruit forward wine should beware, however, this is french.   

EPISODE 9 – 2005 Numanthia Toro – $69.99

Deb – 95 Points             Becky – 96 Points            Steve – 93 Points

Scott – 94 Points            Rob – 93 Points

**Wine Vault Hall of Fame**

CONSENSUS:  The ratings say it all.  Enormously rich wine that looks as dark as night.  Once again this is a european wine so don’t expect it to mimic your favorite Cali Cab.  Hints of cassis, black olive, leather, and blueberry dominate.

EPISODE 10 – 2015 Meomi Pinot Noir – $19.99

Deb – 85 Points            Becky – 78 Points             Steve – 85 Points

Scott – 83 Points           Rob – 74 Points

**Wall of Shame**

CONSENSUS:  Spritzy and overly sweet, this is an extremely poor example of Pinot Noir.  The residual sugar is high, and the class is low.  This is what happens when you take a wine with 50,000 case production and up it to 750,000!  (Editor’s Note – The Wine Spectator gave this wine a 89.  Must have been on a 150 point scale)

EPISODE 11 – 2013 Black Mountain Zinfandel – $9.99

Steve – 75 Points              Scott – 85 Points               Rob – 82 Points

CONSENSUS:  This is a wine that is so dull it is neither recommended, nor are you told to avoid it.  What I would suggest is to pretend it’s not even on the shelf, if it is recommended to you pretend you didn’t hear the recommendation.  Be rude to this wine because the wine makers were rude to you by charging money for it. I’d recap what it tasted like but who cares?

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