Episode95 – Winking Owl

Winking Owl Wines In this episode, Rob, Scott, and Becky explore what can be bought for less that $4, such as a cheeseburger, a watermelon, 1 1/2 gallons of gasoline, and Winking Owl wines.  Unfortunately, they do not have a cheeseburger or watermelon to eat, or gasoline to drink, so they have to settle on Winking Owl’s Cabernet and Merlot. Will these wines surprise the group, or will the wines meet the show’s horrible expectations? We shall see…on The Wine Vault. Check []

Episode 94 – Michael David Earthquake Zinfandel

2014 Michael David Earthquake Zinfandel In this episode, Rob and Scott experience another wine from the Michael David portfolio, Earthquake Zinfandel.  Further, Scott lives up to his reputation as he clumsily attempts to conduct a blind wine tasting.  Will Scott at least provide the show with laughter, or will he realized that no one is laughing “with” him? We shall see…on The Wine Vault. Check out this episode!

Episode 93 – Jack’s House California Cabernet

2014 Jack’s House California Cabernet In this episode, Rob and Scott first attempt to review the reprehensible Grifone Chianti (reprehensible for many, many reasons).  Luckily, and because there is a fair and benevolent God, the Grifone was corked, which brought about the review of the surprisingly lovely Jack’s House Cabernet.  Will Grifone suffer the unrestrained wrath of The Wine Vault (yes), or will the pleasant surprise of Jack’s House assuage their anger (no)?  We shall see…on The Wine Vault. Check out this []